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Ruby Tingle – Lagoons: EP Review

Audio visual artist and performer, Ruby Tingle, on a seductive and sensual five track EP

Release Date: 25th February 2022

Label: No Such Thing Records

Format: digital

An artist of many talents with fingers in several pies. Whilst her art exhibitions continue apace, turning her hand to creating something musical reveals a similarly ambitious and experimental intent. Progressive electronica is a apt tile for what emerges when clicking on the digital files that carry her eclectic compositions.

We’re reminded that the first single, Flood, explores “the romance of dancing alone at night in an imagined wetlands, whilst desiring connection with someone else.” As you do. And if you don’t, the vicarious experience of the self-proclaimed music from the swamp might suffice.

Coil invites us to “wrap me round your finger like coil,” amidst an electronic patter while the vocal glides glass-like in waves that occasionally can’t fail to be likened to Kate Bush, given an undulating wash, rising, falling, swelling and fading. One moment breathy and wispy, the next bold and clear as she submits to “I can be whatever you want me to be...” The strong hypnotic purpose of Glasshouse (personal favourite track, for the record) and its own ethnic elegance carries into an equally busy Lagoons that almost suggest we’re going to head off into Vogue and feel our body move to the music. More stark and less melodic, the multitracked voices conjure up images of underwater nymphs gliding through the depths.

Inhabited by a most English haunting, the songs tap into an otherworldly presence. The vaguely discordant dreams that carry Subkingdom confirm how Lagoons captures snapshots of what makes Ruby Tingle, musically and artistically, such a unique proposition.

Here’s the first single from the EP, Flood:

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