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Thunderous Jones – Exile: New Single

Thunderous Jones tease more from the debut album with a new single – Exile.

Exile is Thunderous Jones’ sixth single to date, taken from their upcoming – and it has to be said, long anticipated – debut album Stop The Show.

The album has been pushed back a year – no need to explain why – yet rather than sitting twiddling their thumbs, the band dug in and remotely recorded singles in 2021, securing plays on major radio stations such as Kerrang! and Primordial. Add their slot at last year’s Bloodstock Festival on the Sophie Lancaster Stage, and it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment for an unsigned/self-managed band. One-nil for the independents.

Now the world seems to be returning to some kind of normality, Thunderous Jones is excited to share their latest work. Exile is released on 10th June as both album version and ‘radio edit’. It’s a big, meaty slab of brooding Rock, decorated with some jewel-encrusted guitar lines. A track that gives a little glimpse into the smoother and cooler side of Thunderous Jones before they unleash the beast within on a powerful finale that features bubbling synths, triumphant power chording and an anguished vocal. “Time means nothing when you’re by yourself” is perhaps an indication of the isolation, indeed the nature of exile that many of us have recently experienced.

Their best single so far? We certainly think so judging by the number of replays it’s been getting on the old ATB digital player.

Watch out for the video premiere on 10th June…

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