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George Marios – Retold: EP Review

George Marios revisits his Daffodil album with a handful of intimate reinterpretations.

Release Date: 5th June 2022

Label: Bandcamp

Format: DL

We reviewed George’s Daffodil album back in 2020 so were stoked to hear he’s been busy with his latest release. One which sees him revisiting the album and featuring some of his favourite songs, reimagined in an intimate way with just guitar and vocals and recorded/filmed live in the Studio. George talks of “my need to be able to tell the same stories in an intimate way and in a setting that would allow me to be able to take songs that are very heavily arranged, onto different places on the spur of the moment.” The art of improvisation has always played a significant part of his musical journey.

Alongside the three original Daffodil versions we get new takes on Fall On Me, Your Mind and Ode To Closure, all given stripped back arrangements yet no less, possibly even more, intense. Accompanied by a naked electric guitar that swings between gently picked and a more fearsome attack the songs follow suit.

Fall On Me finds George becoming increasingly anguished as we head from what could be mainstream appeal to something a little more raw in the Chris Cornell vein as we search from someone to replace the late lamented Soundgarden icon. There’s a hold your breath quality in the opening guitar doodling on Your Mind that soon disperses as the cascades of guitar and falsetto make their mark in an encouragingly raw fashion.

The opening guitar noodling on Ode To Closure is reminiscent of the way Jimmy Page used to improvise as the prelude to White Summer and where he used to let his muse guide him. Once again, the passion of the vocal – “Here I am, making my final stand” he sings – the sense of resignation is imminent yet there’s another increased sense of determination and confidence as the tune develops.

A fine little amuse bouche of alternative takes, the current state of affairs of an album that’s been allowed to breath before a revisit. Time to turn the table? Maybe something more musicians should try.

Here’s Fall On Me from the EP:

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