Cachemira – Ambos Mundos: Album Review

Reformed psych-blues trio Cachemira blow away any cobwebs on a powerful set.

Release Date: 24th June 2022

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds

Format: digital / CD

Blame COVID. For once a positive outcome (rather than a positive test) from the pandemic. The result – the re-emergence of Barcelona trio Cachemira, in slightly altered form from their original incarnation but no less potent. Possibly more so. Eight tracks in half an hour, show how the best things come in small packages. No seventy-minute CD endurance test, stoked to the brim with filler; no extra disc of bonus tracks, outtakes, or demos. Just pure, unfiltered rock and roll.

Joining Gastón Lainé (guitar & backing vocals) is Alejandro Carmona Blanco on drums with powerhouse vocalist and bass player Claudia González Diaz. The sound is unashamedly rooted in 60s and 70s classic and psychedelic rock; a form that’s proving increasingly popular with Blues Pills and Radio Moscow just a couple of the bands who’ve channelled into the excitement of high-octane bluesy jams.

At the forefront is the dynamism of those vocals of Claudia González Diaz who digs deep into her soul to give an impassioned and powerful performance. And it has to be too to compete with the fire whipped up by the instrumentalists that take frequent opportunities to head off into mind-melting excursions. Accompanied by a rumble and a thunder, the first of these sees Future’s Sight veering off into a sonic trip via the wah-wah pedal and a distinct classic retro vibe and mini freak out section.

For anyone who prefers their heavy Blues/psych in more compact form, the more immediate riff driven songs – test out Dirty Roads and the first language Mujer Vudu – are dense and seductive. Coast To Coast is a little two minute funky outing while Get Out also features the fizzing textures provided by some vintage keyboard sounds. Freak out time indeed. There are times too where they indulge in something extended, going off road with the title track. Drums and bass provide a tumbling and snaking rhythm as the lead lines thread in and out along with some vocal incantations. We get a little close to home with some Flamenco-isms smoothly blended in before the main course is revisited. Tremendous stuff and a thrilling climax to a well constructed album.

Here’s Don’t Look Back (To The Fire):

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