Winterfylleth announce hometown show with Arð and Trivax: News

Winterfylleth return to Manchester and promise something very special with a great supporting bill.

Winterfylleth return to Manchester in September with a full headline show at The Bread Shed. Not only that, they will be playing with Arð and Trivax.

Whilst this could sound like just another heavy metal show, this one promises to be very special. For the uninitiated, Arð is the solo project of Mark Deeks, also of Winterfylleth. The live line up of Arð will feature Chris Naughton and Nick Wallwork of Winterfylleth as well as Callum Cox of Atavist. So whilst the boys in Winterfylleth will be on double duty, it also means that Mark Deeks will be joining Winterfylleth making them a live five piece, in their metal format.

Whilst Deeks has performed with Winterfylleth before on their tours in support of their acoustic album, The Hallowing Of Heirdom, they have never performed as a five piece together playing a full heavy metal show. This formation of the band gives more opportunities for Winterfylleth to expand their live sound and open the doors for new additions to the setlist.

There is potential for songs like The Green Cathedral from The Dark Hereafter and the mighty Absolved In Fire from 2020’s The Reckoning Dawn; the latter of which is a massive track. We could also get the title track of The Reckoning Dawn as well as A Soul Unbound from the same record. It is very exciting to see what will happen here.

In addition to Winterfylleth, Arð will perform their debut live show, playing Take Up My Bones in its entirety. We loved Take Up My Bones when it was released in February this year (our review here) and having the chance to hear this monastic doom album in full, really is a mouth watering prospect.

Then, you throw Trivax into the mix, and you have all the ingredients for an amazing night. Trivax will be appearing live in Manchester for the first time in over 3 years. Their explosive and passionate brand of black metal is the ideal tonic to the current state of the world. Another band not to be missed.

At £15, this gig is a steal, and it promises to something special. It is Winterfylleth’s only headline club show in the UK this year. You can follow the event page on Facebook here and you can get your ticket for the show, here.

Listened to Absolved In Fire below.

Winterfylleth: Official Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Trivax: Facebook

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