Pronghorn – Psycho Ceilidh: Video Premiere

Pronghorn celebrate thirty years as a band and we have the video premiere for their new single from their forthcoming new album.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you assembled a mob of punk musicians to play Country, Punk, Metal and Psychobilly? The short answer is the most rockin’ gig you’ve probably ever been to.

This year Pronghorn will be celebrating 30 years as a band. Over the last three decades Pronghorn have played nearly every main festival in the UK, as well as hosting their very own festival in their home county of Dorset. Renowned as one of the most hard working bands on the scene, they’ve built a reputation for playing hard and fast.

From the heady days of blagging festival wristbands and jumping security fences, armed with an array of kitchen apparatus which were subsequently bashed and thumped to the percussive rhythm of various stringed instruments, Pronghorn have streamlined their operation down to a straight six line-up (Lamma, Ffi, Steve, Jon, Joe and Mike), and with the maturity of a well-aged cider, they have become a potent brew with an abv% that could pickle turnips.

‘Psycho Ceilidh’ is the first single from their brand new album, ’Welcome to Pronghorn country’. The twang of the banjo, and fiddle bow driving into the strings sets the tone for the album – the band in full swing.

‘Welcome to Pronghorn Country’ offers up a slightly more refined studio album. Recorded “mostly” live, and with the expert engineering skills of David White, each track manages to capture the sweaty, beer-soaked performances of the dingiest pubs from the deepest, darkest Dorset.

The single, Psycho Ceilidh, is out now, and Welcome to Pronghorn Country will be released on Friday 2nd September, 2022 via Lunaria Records.

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