Son Of Dave release live video of Call Me King: News

Son Of Dave releases live video of Call Me King from the album of the same name.

Earlier this year, we were very impressed with Son Of Dave’s Call Me King album (our review here). No meeting at the crossroads or reverting to the standard blues clichés on this record. Call Me King is a half hour you won’t get back but a half-hour that you’d be perfectly happy to continue to reinvest in.

Every time Son Of Dave gets going, something magic happens. The only one who does what he does, combining blues harmonica, beatbox, percussion, and his own bawdy song style, you can’t help wonder what’s happening, and why it feels so good. ‘Call Me King’ is the title track from his 10th album full of the usual lo- and hi-fi gems. The song starts like typical Blues bragging, but he makes the point; “Nobody, no-one. Nobody rules you. “

His music has been used in many huge TV programs (Breaking Bad, True Blood), has been championed on BBC Radio by Iggy Pop and many other presenters, and was even asked to play a private birthday party for Grace Jones. If you’re new to the vibe, you’re in good company.

This performance was filmed in Winnipeg, Canada, a Prairie city which is home to Son of Dave again after 24 years in London (UK, not Ontario).

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