Mulberry Sky – Who’s There?: Album Review

Following a glut of singles and their 2020 EP, Knock Knock, Mulberry Sky have now released their debut album Who’s There? with their own brand of self penned, self produced raucous, wild, intense rock.

Release Date: 29th July 2022

Label: Self Released

Format: Limited CD / Digital

There’s a storm in the air as Mulberry Sky release their debut long player, Who’s There?

Powerful vocals and  heavy fuzzed up guitar evoke the sounds of the late sixties-early seventies as the storm rages on the opening track A Light In the Distance. 

The storm doesn’t abate either in the Second Face, followed by The Fuckening (nothing lost in translation there!). Crashing chords and staccato riffs drive us forward with mighty power amongst plenty of distorted solos. 

There is no let up  as the tempest continues to rage. Hot Hot Thunder and the following five tracks  pounds your ears. The high octane quartet continue to thrill. There is a brief let up with the slower paced Jumped and the bluesy You Killed The Rattlesnake.

Have You Ever resumes the blistering rock before the slightly poppy Waves brings the album to a close. Variation is plentiful amongst the album.

The strong vocals of Catherine Van Bruce , Dom Ragun, Simon Petrosa and Lucky Lerchl make up this rocky German outfit. Catherine Van Bruce tells us that the band want to, ‘take the listeners on an exciting emotional journey. There’s an incredible amount of heart and soul in our songs and production.’ You can truly take her word for that!!

Mulberry Sky endeavour to experiment with sounds as they improvise some percussion using a fan heater. This ‘Floydian’ trick is hard to pick out but full marks for trying – you can’t beat a band wanting to push themselves as far as they can.

If you treat yourself to the CD version (here) you will also receive the highly melodic bonus track Stones. Be sure to check out Mulberry Sky if you are a fan of classic sounding hard rock; you will not be disappointed.

Tae a listen to Asking For A Friend from Mulberry Sky below.

Mulberry Sky: Website / Facebook / Instagram

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