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Thunderous Jones – Shoot To Kill: New Single

The new single from Thunderous Jones – Shoot To Kill – is out now!

Out on 29th September, Shoot To Kill provides another teaser of the very (very) soon-to-be-released debut album from Thunderous Jones. We loved their previous single Exile and while Shoot To Thrill might initially hint at something more forceful with the frenzied opening moments thrashing wildly on the edge of control and the aggressive vocal that spits out, we’re soon heading into a sweeter chorus that provides a brief oasis of calm.

However, the focus is on the fast and furious and a lyric where the “No father pleads for mercy, He’s fucked inside his head,” burns intensely. A cool ethnic vibe to the guitar break where less proves more, and a passage of harshly growled vocals sees several bases touched.

The song comes born from a demo that guitarist Danny O’Connell had put together a while back. Shocked by a news story of the Texas school shooting earlier this year, vocalist Liam Coffey – a father himself – couldn’t imagine the suffering caused by such a senseless act. He put pen to paper and wrote Shoot To Kill, a lyric that encapsulates the anger and pain of the series of events.

The single artwork gives a hint at what to expect on the cover of Stop The Show, eta November 2022…

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