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Frankie Morrow – Blue Parrot Backpackers Hostel: EP Review

Frankie Morrow – of BBC Introducing fame – on a classy debut EP.

Release Date: 28th October 2022

Label: self-release

Format: digital

A set that pulls together the four singles released during the year plus extra tracks, Satisfaction (not that one thankfully) and Sydney Skyline. The polish of Sunflowers might have been the key factor to in earning the badge of honour of Radio One acknowledgment, but it’s simply a gateway, the tip of the Blue Parrot iceberg; the easy Summer sound that alerts listeners to the presence of a band worth exploring and encouraging a deeper dive into what are relatively darker waters.

The indie folk tag gives way to a more Lo Fi MO as White Rocks swings gently while maintaining the general air of coolness, with the lushness of a vocal wash. However, the ominous telling that “white rocks will be the death of me” gives a hint that the forces at play might balance out some of those shiny mainstream radio waves.

Satisfaction is more raw and intimate – “I really just need a little time to breath on my own” – a world weariness coming through in the dialogue between the two protagonists that builds to a brief cresendo. It’s a mood that recurrs in Sydney Skyline until a scratchy electricity takes over, the drums kick in and we’re in garage rocking territory. The starkness reaches a peak with the latest single and gut-wrenching Sirens. The bulk of the track being recorded live in one take in Morrow’s kitchen, the sense of intimacy is magnified. Delightfully rustic in the way the simple guitar is enhanced with the occasional punctuation of a muffled beat and grind of guitar. A more elaborate arrangement brings things to a close on A Sign Of Promise that works its way up to a frantic call of “who am I to judge you?” before tailing off into the ether. It rounds off a journey that finds the path from Sunflowers taking a decidedly moodier and angular turn.

And in the backroom team, kudos too for playing their part in gender balancing and inclusion by bringing in an all-female engineer team: mixed by Taylor Pollock (Berklee alumni, Platoon/Strongroom + Cosmorat) and mastered by Izzy McPhee (mentee of Katie Tavini and on the roster of Weird Jungle Collective). 

Blue Parrot Backpackers Hostel EP Launch Shows

  • Friday 25 November, Hug & Pint, Glasgow 
  • Tuesday 29 November, Sebright Arms, London 

Here’s one for the chill playlist – Sunflowers:

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