The Little Unsaid – Fable: Album Review

Alluring new album  South London based 4-piece The Little Unsaid, encouraging us to stay positive and be adaptable in troubled times.

Release Date:  2nd December 2022

Label:  Carbon Moon Records

Format: CD / digital

Last December, John Elliot gave us his solo recording of December Songs which gave a warm, seasonal soundtrack for Advent and winter months. This year in collaboration with Mariya Brachkova (synths, keys & backing vocals), Alison D’Souza (strings) & Tim Heymerdinger (drums, backing vocals) The Little Unsaid release Fable, which again could provide charming musical company us as the end of the year approaches.

Although less seasonal in its focus, this album maintains a hypnotically attractive mood and edges on the experimental to create another fascinating piece of music. 

Alison de Souza’s flowing, swaying strings and John’s dreamy vocals dominate the opening song Far Gone to set a relaxing mood. But listen out for the eerie ending. Tribal drums and synthesised effects show The Little Unsaid’s experimental side and with a subtle choral backing make for some entrancing music on Went Too Far while the title track blends jazzy rhythm with John’s ever poetical lyrics and his soaring vocals.

The Little Unsaid’s panache for meticulous production comes to the fore with a kaleidoscope of musical sounds blending intricately, none dominating. However, each one has such precise clarity that the ear misses nothing on nearly every track but particularly on Real To You At Least and How Will We Catch Them Out.

Wake Up Call exemplifies the intensity of their often ethereal music but the album still offers a more vibrant quality and ferocity with the likes of Big Red, One Step At A Time and the lyrically pacy Vibrant Life. The music becomes more frenzied by the time Night Train completes its journey as more sonic surprises are conjured up. As if to send us off solemnly to rest, respite comes in the form of the beautifully calm Sleep Tight.

Every idea had to come to us in the moment; melodies, rhythms, lyrics,” says John, adding how this “unavoidably reflects the chaos and simmering collective anxiety that was (and still is) everywhere around us while we recorded but held together by a defiant and palpable sense of gratitude and joy.”

Gratitude and joy are what you will have in abundance when you listen to The Little Unsaid’s groundbreaking and unique music which will expand your listening experience.

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