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Hundred Reasons w/ Hell Is For Heroes & My Vitriol – Manchester Academy: Live Review

Hundred Reasons tour the UK for the first time in many a year on the back of their first LP for 15 years with Hell Is For Heroes and My Vitriol in tow.

Hundred Reasons circa 2023

Since scaling the heights of being one of the UK’s finest rock bands, Hundred Reasons haven’t had the easiest path. They had label troubles more than once and had a bit of a revolving door of members for a period.

Now, they’re back. Glorious Sunset is their first album in 15 years and this is the bands first tour of the UK in a long while. Shows over the past few years have been anniversary one offs and acoustic shows.

Before Hundred Reasons hit the stage, their brethren and buddies in My Vitriol and Hell Is For Heroes helped get everyone in the mood.

‘We’re back,’ states My Vitriol’s Som Wardner. Their set is culled primarily from their Finelines album. The pair of Kohlstream and Cemented Shoes provide an early highlight in the set. The shoegazey Kohlstream acts as a blissful intro into the more ferocious chorus lines of Cemented Shoes. ‘But I’m falling at your feet / And I’m crawling at your feet,’ sings Wardner. Pops for the other bands on the bill and the first of many ‘it’s been too long’ sentiments from the bands emanate from the stage in amongst a solid mix of power and harmonics.

Hell Is For Heroes, surely one of the best band names ever, ramp up the evenings proceedings.

The sharply dressed Justin Schlosberg spearheads the quintet on vocals. His energy, conviction and enthusiasm showers over the crowd in the form of multiple crowd surfs. This energy bleeds through his band mates as they energetically impose themselves.

A few Daltrey-esque spins of the mic during Out Of Sight from the bands Neon Handshake record has the crowd lapping up every moment. Whilst still amassing, the crowd clearly shows their admiration for Hell Is For Heroes. A couple of new tracks punctuate a set largely culled from Neon Handshake. You Drove Me To It is greeted like an old friend with the humongous I Can Climb Mountains and emphatic Slow Song closing out their set, they could have arguably headlined this solid tour package.

If, indeed, hell is for heroes, then Hundred Reasons should be positively ablaze. Their entrance onstage sees the group greeted like heroes. An already palpable atmosphere is ramped up further as the lights dim and the circular motif of the bands new album is draped behind the band. Glorious Sunset, the first track from the bands first new LP in 15 years, drives early on.

With a new album to plug, how does a band balance a set to satisfy their fans, but also themselves?

From the opener from the new album, Hundred Reasons immediately dip back into the catalogue to the glee of the crowd. What You Get and Answers both elevate the brilliant vibe inside Manchester Academy. Stories With Unhappy Endings also sees the crowd with arms aloft and fully immersed in seeing a band delivering each song with insurmountable vigour.

‘It’s so good to see you…it’s been a long time coming,’ exalts singer Colin Doran in the the early throes.

With older cuts getting the crowd firmly in their corner (not that they needed the help), the band select several cuts from Glorious Sunset including The Old School Way and Replicate; the latter of which kicks off the bands encore. So So Soon is also included and feels like a song that will stick around in the bands live repertoire for years to come.

No Pretending from Kill Your Own is razor sharp and sounds as spiky as ever. Only one cut from Quick The Word, Sharp The Action makes the cut in No Way Back. This is one that fully satisfies those fans who have been on the journey with Hundred Reasons. Remmus from the bands second EP also gets an airing to the satisfaction of those fans of yore.

Whilst there is a good amount of material from across the bands back catalogue, the selections from the bands debut, Ideas Above Our Station, are greeted the most heartily. Silver is dedicated to the other bands on the bill. The ‘Say what you wanted to ask me,’ refrain is batted back to the stage with aplomb. I’ll Find You is a huge anthem for the band. To see them play it quite near the front of a set is perhaps a ballsy move as it garners a huge reaction. No one needn’t have worried as If I Could closes out the show in completely euphoric fashion.

This was a celebratory night. Heartfelt emo post rock from three bands that have carved their names into the history of alt rock provided the soundtrack and each band delivered their best in spades.

The tour continues through Bristol, Birmingham and London this week. Dates are here.

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