Terms – All Becomes Indistinct: New album news

New album from St Louis Noise Rock duo, Terms, set for release on 21st April 2023 on SKiN GRAFT Records


All Becomes Indistinct is the second full-length album from Terms. Arriving by way of Tampa Bay, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri surfaced during the pandemic as a socially distanced band – dealing in dissonance, atonality and the unknown. In the words of Chris Trull, Terms managed to: “…bridge the thousand mile distance between us to create an ongoing musical collaboration we are extremely proud of; and we believe our new album expands and refines our musical concepts”

Progressive, experimental, avant-garde, call it what you will, Terms provide a musical kaliedoscope that draws from many influences. Guitarist Chris Trull is a former member of Ypwie and Grand Ulena while drummer Danny Piechocki also plays in Ahleuchatistas alongside Trevor Dunn.


Pre-order here on the SKiN GRAFT Bandcamp page where you’ll find digital / CD / vinyl options.

Here’s a flavour of what to possibly expect:

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