Desert Storm on Black Sabbath: Why I Love

Desert Storm is a four-piece progressive metal band, who have been dispatching crushing riffs and grooves into earholes around the world for the past 15 years. Hailing from the city of Oxford, Desert Storm deliver their own unique brand of heavy music. Their sound is loud, punishing and unforgiving, but also woven with elation and electrical ecstasy.

31st March 2023 sees the release of their new album Death Rattle, released worldwide on APF Records. In the meantime, drummer Elliot Cole fires some answers back at us about why he loves the Godfathers of Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath.

Why you love them:

Because they have the best riffs, incredible vocals and Bill Ward is my favourite drummer. His playing is incredible…powerful with lots of swing and jazz influence in his sound. His fills were so original and catchy for the time and really served the songs incredibly well.

When you first heard them:

When I was 8 years old. I remember being sat in the back of my parents car with my brother and my Dad put on Iron Man. That main riff got me hooked, and the way the vocal melody followed the riff was just brilliant. Later that year my Mum and Dad bought me and my brother the Paranoid CD for our Birthday along with our own Stereo. The best Birthday gift I’ve had really since it is pretty much from this point where my love for heavy music began.

When was that moment when it all clicked for you:


How they inspired you:

They inspired me and my brother to start playing the guitar and drums so really if it wasn’t for that band, we wouldn’t be playing music.

How they influence you:

They influence us a lot in our sound. I think my drumming especially, although I have my own style too. The same goes for our Guitar riffs. We all have quite eclectic tastes in music, therefore we draw influences from lots of different bands and artists from a wide range of genres.

Favourite songs:

They have so many great songs that my favourites often change. I do only listen to Ozzy-era Sabbath though. For me, without him, the band is not the same.

War Pigs
Wicked World
Iron Man
Sweet Leaf
The Writ

Favourite album covers:

Self titled

Favourite lyrics:

War Pigs

Our thanks to Elliott for taking time to share his thoughts.

Here’s the second single from the album, Bad Trip:

Desert Storm online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bandcamp

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