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Barbara – Enduring Love: New Single

News of the new and inevitably poptastic single from Barbara.

Ahead of their 8th March Spring Soiree in Brighton, (seeing Barbara play in Brighton must be like seeing the Beatles at The Cavern or Springsteen at The Meadowlands), intrepid Pop pickers Barbara have a new single set for release on 7th March. It’s called Enduring Love and is a tribute to the late Burt Bacharach – one of the songwriting heroes of John and Henry if you hadn’t already guessed.

Lucky Barbara Patreon subscribers will be getting the single a week early – a good enough excuse to subscribe here to either the Comfort Club or the Luxury Club

Variously described as baroque pop, nonsense pop, or our favourite, fop pop, the song was produced by Isaac Shalam (Silvertwin), Enduring Love also features Charlotte Glasson (Oasis, The Divine Comedy) and Lizzie Gregory (Eska, Ray Vega) on flute, saxophone and trumpet.

Handily for non-musicians like us, we learn of “quirky verse chord progressions” although we’re seduced by the taken for granted-ness of the chorus that reminds us how Enduring Love can strike at any time. Embellished by warm brass and the “could that possibly be Brian May?’ guitar part (you wouldn’t put it past him/them), the familiar genteel bounce provides a much-needed Summery injection.

There’s a film and book tie-in as the track is inspired by Ian McEwan’s 1997 novel of the same name and the film version (2004) which starred Daniel Craig and Samantha Morton. The story is known for its memorable opening scene of a dramatic hot air balloon incident (which also inspires the single artwork) and the song’s lyrics address the profound psychological impact it has on the characters.

Enduring Love is a fabulous book,” they say. “Without doubt the greatest first chapter of any novel I’ve ever read, incredibly intense. The movie’s brilliant too! It’s a love story, but not the usual kind. So the song’s a love song, but a love song with a twist, a real twist! There should be more pop songs inspired by novels. If this song gets more people to pick up the book then we’ll have done our job.”

Barbara released their debut EP, Mildly Entertaining, in 2022, and followed this up with their first headline tour. The live front sees them playing selected dates – this Summer they’ll headline the Harpenden Live festival in July as well as doing a Q&A for us At The Barrier – watch this space for more Barbara-related shenanigans.

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