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Bird In The Belly – Coventry Fair: EP Review

New two song EP from Bird In The Belly combines the urban and rural in their inimitable style.

Release Date: 7th April 2023

Label: GF*M Records

Format: limited 7″ vinyl

Bird In The Belly is set to release a limited edition double A side gatefold 7″ entitled the Coventry Fair EP. The record will be available exclusively through the band’s Bandcamp, at gigs, and The Pod Cafe (Part of the Food Union) in Coventry. Limited to 300 copies, the EP is the first release since February 2022 and their 3rd studio album, the well-received After The City (our review here).

The lyrics for the new songs are taken from the John Whittingham diaries, and arranged by Bird In The Belly. The diaries detail the work of notable horticulturalist John Whittingham at Charter House between 1745-91 whilst under the ownership of the Inge family. Whittingham describes the weather, his choice of plants, records of how things grew under certain conditions, notable local events, and the coming and going of his employees and others from the food-growing community. The diaries are held at the Herbert Art Gallery Archives in Coventry.

The songs create an interesting contrast. The sense of pastoral England – painting musical and lyrical images of gardens, fairs and harvest – is set within the city centre of Coventry. The songs portray the community, but also the isolation that comes across in a sombre mood via the gathered voices in the title track. The rustic feel is maintained in Employ John Day No More. Cut from similar cloth the second track is adorned with a subtle flute and strings contributing to the understated accompaniment.

These songs were commissioned by Food Union Coventry and The Pod for their Research and Heritage project and are part of a greater celebration of Coventry’s food growing history. The commission was funded by Coventry City of Culture Trust for their Green Futures program, supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Severn Trent Community Fund.

Photo: Marcin Sz

Bird In The Belly upcoming tour dates:

9th April – Horsham Folk Club

13th April – Aces and Eights, London

16th April – Stroud Brewer

22nd June – Supporting Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell, Nest Collective Campfire Club Sheffield 

23rd June – Supporting Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell, Nest Collective Campfire Club London

24th June – Supporting Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell, Nest Collective Campfire Club Brighton

29th November – The Musician, Leicester 

30th November – Metronome, Nottingham 

4th December – Costa Winter Festival, Alton

Here’s the band doing Tragic Hearts Of Town at the Campfire Club Sessions in 2022:

Bird In The Belly online:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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