Karman Line – Like A Machine: Album Review

UAE based Karman Line are ready to explode onto the rock scene with the release of their debut album. Hang on to something …..tightly!!

Release date:   5th May 2023

Format:  streaming

Fans of Thin Lizzy will lap up this riff-laden album with vocalist Greg Brown giving even Phil Lynott a run for his money.  Raucous from start to finish these vigorous rockers raise the temperature and keep it high. But there is enough musicality and variety between each track to stop it being an ear-splitting bore. Guitarists  

Tristan Surina and Frank Bassiouni show a high level of versatility with catchy riffs, fast-finger solos, a melting pot of guitar sounds, and changing dynamics to keep air guitarists happy all night. In fact, if your air guitaring needs reviving this is the ideal album.

Greg Brown comments about the creation of the album: “It’s been quite a journey piecing this record together, from the late-night writing sessions to days on end in the recording studio and the odd hurdle along the way. We’re all super excited it’s finally going out into the world, and I think we’re even more excited to take it on the road.” 

As a debut album this album will ignite a lot of interest and anticipation to see live and shows a maturity more established bands have worked years to attain. This rock romp, driven explosively along by bassist Petar Milošević and Danny Langston on drums is not recommended for late-night listening…because you’ll not get to sleep but if you are trying to stay awake adjust the volume to thundering and you’ll be well happy.

But don’t expect absolute mayhem there is a huge chunk of tunefulness and melody too. 

Usually from the UAE, we expect super-rich moguls buying up our football clubs, purchasing heavy lumps of real estate and trading thousands of gallons of oil but these guys are rich and overflowing in powerful rock skills investing their future in giving us a blistering sound experience. They’ve bankrolled my musical fun and I hope they shell out more in the future.

And finally, FYI, The Kármán line is the altitude where space begins. It is 100 km (about 62 miles) high. It commonly represents the border between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Might come in handy in a pub quiz…

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