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Africa Oyé Festival 2023 will take place on 17th and 18th June in Liverpool’s Sefton Park on the Review Field from 12:30pm until 9:30pm both days. Entrance is FREE and you do not need a ticket. Izzie Armitage takes us a little deeper into the festival to whet the appetite for the joys that await.

Africa Oyé

We ate ackee and salt fish from the Jamaican delicacy as we sat sandwiched between the two main stages in Sefton Park. The flavours danced on my tongue to the beat of African drums that reverberated through my chest. The grass was dry, the sun was out and I had a locally brewed ale in my hand to wash it all down. It was then I knew I was having one of those days. The ones that go down in history, that you talk about in the pub with your mates in years to come. A cherished memory of good music, good vibes and sheer happiness.

Attending a music event for free isn’t commonplace in the 21st century. Africa Oyé, Europe’s largest African Musical festival in Liverpool’s Sefton Park is a place of pure elation and remains one of the country’s most vibrant festivals of the summer. Immersed within the lush oasis of Sefton Park, Oyé has been gracing our ears for the last three decades. People travel from across the world to see a collection of artists from across the African nations whilst also celebrating music from South America, The Caribbean, Salsa, Soca and Reggae.

The beating heart of the festival, the main stage, opens each year with the Staged Koas choir. A group of kids dancing and singing Africa music. There’s something emotional about a choir, with their breath synchronising with ease pulsing through the festival, setting the tone for the two day weekender.

This year, the festival showcases a collection of music from reggae to Afro beat showcasing the likes of x y z. Saturday’s headliner Seun Kuti, the godson of Afro beat pioneer Feli Kuti, follows his father legacy with brass punctured Afro beats that is set to unite the crowds in colourful glory. Seun also features on the new album by Janelle Monáe.

The accompanying stalls stud the outskirts of the festival with authentic African garments, bracelets, hats and merch all in keeping with Oye’s core values: vitality of life and culture.

Africa Oyé promises to be a truly great weekend, and the forecast looks like it is going to be absolutely superb too! Do not miss out!

For more information on the artists performing at the festival, you can click here.

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