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The Nadas – Come Along For The Ride: Single Review

Another short, sweet, summery, preview of The Nadas forthcoming album – it isn’t far away now…

Release Date:  16th June 2023

Label: Authentic Records

Formats: Download, Streaming

They’re firing on all cylinders at the moment, as they work towards the August release of their next album, that’s for sure.  Come Along For The Ride – the title track of their imminent new album, is The Nadas second single in less than a month and follows closely on the heels of its predecessor, the excellent Other Side Of The 45.

We loved Other Side of the 45, calling it “A bright, breezy and irresistibly Pavlovian foretaste of their forthcoming album” and I don’t expect that anyone will be surprised to learn that The Nadas new single is more of the same – a joyous bright, sunny taste of summer.

I don’t suppose that The Nadas need much of an introduction but, for the sake of those who have been asleep for the past month or have had their attention unwisely diverted by the predictable exploits of Prince Harry, Boris Johnson or Manchester City, I’ll recap.  They formed over 30 years ago when Mike and Jason Walsmith – still the combined beating heart of the band today – started to jam and harmonise whilst still students at Iowa State University.  Nowadays, the Walsmiths are joined by bassist Brian Duffey, drummer Brandon Stone and Perry Ross, who adds keyboards, guitar and percussion to complete the band’s sound.  The band have 13 albums to their name – most recently 2020’s Duo, Numero Uno – and, over the course of their career, they’ve shifted over a quarter of a million units.  Not only that, they’ve shared stages with the likes of The Beach Boys, America, Bon Jovi and Huey Lewis.

A smoother, gentler number than its predecessor, Come Along For The Ride still rocks satisfyingly.  The song has a feel of REM about it, a feeling enhanced by the jangly guitars and the lush vocal harmonies.  And, best of all, the pedal steel – the instrument that makes ALL the difference on a song like this – is just how I like it!

Come Along For The Ride is a classic road song that easily captures the feeling of driving along a coastal freeway on a summer’s day, with the soft-top down and the radio blasting.  And that’s the very situation that inspired the song, as Jason Walsmith explains: “My wife and I have done 150,000 miles in the past couple of years while the band has been taking it easy.  The simple pleasure of slowing down and enjoying traveling with a partner is, hopefully, adequately portrayed in this song.”  It sure is, Jason – it comes over loud and clear!

On the evidence of what we’ve heard so far, Come Along For The Ride (the album) is shaping up to be something very special indeed and, here at At The Barrier, we’re on its case.  Expect to see a full review of the album within these pages very soon.  And, in the meantime, Come Along For The Ride (the single) provides that very burst of sweet summery sunshine that makes me want to pack up my pen, my notebook and my laptop and hit the road myself.  Which is exactly what I’m about to do, right now.  See you in a fortnight!

Get a feel for what The Nadas are all about – watch this 2018 mix from their appearance at the 2018 Nitefall on the River event in Des Moines, Iowa:

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