Ayron Jones – Chronicles Of The Kid: Album Review

Ayron Jones rips yet another new one. They call him ‘filthy’.

Release Date: 23rd June 2023

Label: Big Machine / John Varvatos Records

Format: Digital / CD

Ayron Jones from Seattle has impressed on several occasions on the ATB pages – 2021’s Child Of The State album and then live at Download and Manchester’s Deaf Institute in 2022 getting rave reviews. The promise of a new album, preceded by the strength of the Bood In The Water single has the appetite thoroughly whetted.

When he talks of how his life has changed since he went on tour in August of 2021 with his first record deal in his pocket, it gives him the confidence and realisation that his explosive music holds the power of redemption. “Chronicles Of The Kid is the story of the truth,” he says. “My truth. With my voice as my pen and my guitar as the page, the album is an audio journal of self-discovery told through tales of temptations, triumphs, failures, sacrifice and the price of fame.”

Hallelujah to that, and if the opening cut, Strawman is a statement of intent, then be afraid. be very afraid. It’s purely explosive, gives a reminder of his ability to rip out gut-wrenching solos and finds him namechecking devils and angels. From the sleazy side to the contrast a lulling acoustic guitar and impassioned vocal that’s only crime is the sense of false security as the familiar Blood In The Water follows. A sense of foreboding too that “ain’t nothing gonna save me,” as the intensity doubles.

And on it goes. the massive Kravitz-fest of The Title completes a devastating opening triptych. It’s a mammoth effort that should be accompanied by visuals of mere mortals being swung around the head of a massive orc ina Lord Of The Rings battle scene. Only fair that there’s a pause for breath while a couple of interludes are driven by fuzzy electronics or the (mainly) slower paced Living For The Fall that might even be classed by some as romantically fashioned. Lighter Than The Sky also brings a rare touch of lightness – commercial maybe or suited for the less Blues-inclined as a gateway track. Dare we say it even has a catchy chorus…

The marvellous Filthy has us asking, could the “ruby red lips and black lace thong” be some Prince-inspired sleaze (with a cheeky ‘up to no good’ wink)? Especially when the mahoosive riff is paused for a little funky jibe. A jibe that rears its head for a final flourish with On Two Feet I Stand, where the searing solo comes as expected. It’s the point at which Hendrix would be setting fire to things or Townshend and Moon trashing their kit.

The outcome is indeed proof that Chronicles Of The Kid does genuinely soundtrack the Ayron Jones backstory. Hold on, as it’s a rough but thrilling ride.

Here’s the lyric video for The Title:

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