Maisie Peters – The Good Witch: Album Review

Maisie Peters shines once again in her sophomore album, following the release of the 2021 – album You Signed Up For This.

Release Date: 23rd June 2023

Label: Gingerbread Man Records / Asylum

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Released through Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Records imprint, The Good Witch is the highly anticipated second album from Maisie Peters. Her previous album, You Signed Up For This landed at #2 in the Official Albums Chart in the UK and Ireland. With the release of The Good Witch, Maisie became the youngest solo British female to claim a number one in the albums chart in over a decade.

The Sussex-born pop star opens the album with the title track. It is a light tune which immediately shows the transition into the new era as well as maturing as a person and as an artist. The piano in this song perfectly accompanies Maisie’s vocals and it is brilliant that the tune gradually gets more lively. Not only this, but the background talking reflects the album and how Maisie feels crazy after her relationship.

The Good Witch era has already been amazing. Maisie has already played intimate shows in many cities and played the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury on the album release day! The album shows someone going through a range of emotions during a relationship and dealing with it; this can be seen both upbeat and solemn songs.

Vibes continue in the single released earlier in March – You Lost The Breakup. When performed live, this song is energising. It gives a feeling of freedom and a sense of power. “I know I’m obsessed, and right now, I might be a mess, but one day, you’re gonna wake up and, oh, shit, you lost the breakup”

Maisie has outdone herself in the single Run. This song has a powerful meaning as well as a catchy beat. “I’ve seen some flags, but the reddest one is if a man says that he wants you in his life forever, run!” This song is very empowering to women and Maisie is a strong advocate for feminism.

To put a beautiful album to a close, Maisie goes above and beyond on the final song; History of Man. The song has a beautiful outro for a beautiful album.

I beg you and you don’t understand
I hold on, I try to hold your hand
I save you a seat and then you say you wanna stand
So you’ll lose me, the best you’ll ever have
It’s the history, the history of man

Maisie will be touring the UK soon. She will be performing a sold out show at The OVO Arena Wembley later this year to promote the album. She is also on tour in American Tour from August 7th 2023 (dates here).

Listen to The Good Witch from Maisie Peters, below.

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