Dust Radio – Problem & Remedy: Album Review

Dust Radio continues to prove to be one of the most exciting new blues outfits hitting the British blues circuit with their new release, Problem  & Remedy.

Release Date: 23rd June 2023

Label: Self Release

Format:  Digital

Dust Radio’s Shotgun Shack EP (reviewed here) promised a lot with their vibrant blues. We were particularly impressed by the atmosphere they created. This promise has not been broken. Now, we have more from the song writing duo of Paddy Wells and Tom Jackson. 

They may have Northern blood in their veins but their spirit is 100% pure swamp rock blues. It’s enhanced by Paddy’s stunning harmonica backing and Tom’s hot guitar work with no frills. It is just great steady blues from first note to the last.

By Way Of Fat Sam lets you know what Dust Radio are all about. This writer had their 5 track EP, Shotgun Shack, rated as one of the best releases of 2021 and this opening track continues to show why Dust Radio are a great outfit.

The variety of stories told in their songs is matched by diverse musical styles and tempo. The paired down title track, Problem & Remedy, shows that even when they have a lighter touch rhythmically they still keep your foot tapping.

When the tempo rises again on South Of Nowhere the bottleneck slide guitar work is a sheer delight.
Instrumentals may be a rarity on blues albums however the The Canyon shows harmonica and acoustic guitar working well together.

How Dust Radio expertly blend different moods and pace is a real strength of Problem & Remedy. A trio of tracks; Face Don’t Fit, Gallows Pole and I Walk on Gilded Splinters; are all unique in delivery but  have you rocking it up until the the final track where the band drop down again with the typical and sulky bad day blues of No More Troubles. 

Bassist Stu Baggaley and drummer Stevie Oakes are more than just a sound rhythm team. They provide a strong backbone to this tight outfit. 

Dust Radio are an exciting addition to the plethora of northern based blues groups on the national blues scene. They will be a welcome addition to the much acclaimed Rhythm & Blues Festival at Colne this year.

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