Filkin’s Drift – EP release and coastal walk: News

News of the Filkin’s Drift EP release and the uniquely ambitious touring schedule of Seth Bye & Chris Roberts.

filkin's drift

CERDD // ED, an 870-mile walking tour of the Wales Coast Path, is a radical approach to sustainable touring. With the climate emergency sharply in focus and people looking for new ways of connecting post-covid, it is clear that the music industry needs fresh and imaginative approaches to touring.

Folk duo Filkin’s Drift have found an answer in the ancient Welsh bardic tradition. In the Welsh language, ‘Cerdd’ means music and ‘Cerdded’ means to walk. To Filkin’s Drift, this suggests an intrinsic connection between roaming and creating music.

CERDD // ED solves a global problem in a local way. It will be a pioneering voice as the music industry changes its approaches to touring; It will bring communities closer together; and it will bring Wales to the fore, as the country pioneering this change

To release their new EP – Rembard’s Retreat (including their version of Richard Thompson’s Beeswing) – Seth Bye and Chris Roberts are walking the entire Wales Coast Path during September and October, performing every night on the journey. Along the way, the duo will collect songs, stories, and tunes to incorporate into their gigs, weaving together a tapestry of shared experiences of the Welsh coast.

Performing six tracks live, Filkin’s Drift recorded their debut EP on the grounds of a Saxon manor house. Named after Rembard, the abbot of the land, the record weaves together traditional melodies from Wales and England along with original material inspired by the landscape of the Cotswolds. Release is set for 6th September 2023.

The project is supported by Help Musicians and Fusion Gig Bags. It is also raising money for the charity Live Music Now.

More info on the website here:

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Filkin’s Drift image by Tegan Foley

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