Lee Spreadbury – SANE/INSANE: New Single

Lee Spreadbury Lee dons his keyboard player’s uniform – cloak and wizarding hat – for his first dip in the murky waters where the solo artistes dwell.

Release Date: 18th August 2023

Format: digital

Lee’s first release as a solo artist – SANE/INSANE (El camí de Sant Rafael) – is bound to have him in a nervous state of excitement. Last seen on our pages in the guise of GU-RU, he talks of SANE/INSANE as a combination of all his musical inspirations – from the electronic, ambient jams of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works, to the Balearic sounds of the early 90’s Ibiza clubs Amnesia and Privilege in Sant Rafael.

The roots of SANE/INSANE can be traced back to a late night psychedelic electronic jam over three years ago. “I came up with a recurring riff mantra which instantly felt so good I couldn’t stop playing it,” Lee explains. I played the bare bones of the track in a live set shortly afterwards, where comrade and spiritual advisor DJ Joey B-Side witnessed and testified that it needed to be recorded. “

The five minute extravaganza is the result of a three year work in progress. “A process of many stops/starts, doubts, perseverance, determination and HOURS! ” he confesses. It’s genuinely EPD – electronic, psychedelic and danceable – you can picture Lee grooving away behind his banks of keyboards. Bookended by some chilled waves, avoiding the more frantic intensity of GU-RU’s Teach Me or Tea Biscuit, he’s worked up a piece that’s well within the gasp of a wide demographic.

Numerous mixes have been made and shelved – perhaps some may appear at some point on a splendid coloured vinyl limited edition? The result of his self-imposed pressure to get the track exactly right, the holy of holies, unattainable perfection! “This lesson has been an enlightening one,” he adds, yet in a tsunami of cliches, having broken the ice, maybe the floodgates will open on the Spreadbury solo outout.

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