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We first caught Twinnie back in 2019 playing support to Kiefer Sutherland (review here). At that point, Twinnie’s music career was gathering steam…then we got locked down. Twinnie didn’t let up. Now, she has an album and a raft of singles to her name with a career blossoming at pace in Nashville, doing things on her terms.

Pre-lockdown, Twinnie was ready to take on the world. Tours playing support to many artists, an album ready to go, headline tour dates ready to promote her album, and then things took a turn in the world.

Say’s Twinnie on that time, ‘It was a very funny time because obviously, it was the pandemic. I didn’t love that time in my life. It was confusing, because nobody knew anything. My headline shows got cancelled three times. And by the time we’d actually played the show, which sold out, some people didn’t come because of nervousness around the pandemic. I just had a really bad time. Everything that I wanted my debut record to be, it wasn’t. I didn’t get an opportunity to go buy it in the shop, or anything that I dreamt of. So that was a real shame. It was really bittersweet, because I couldn’t share it with anybody. I wasn’t doing the TikTok thing at the time, I should have been on that a lot more, but I just, you were just kind of left to your own devices. And it just felt so weird.

Fast forward through the past few years; Twinnie has established a huge online following of fans through TikTok and Instagram. She has also made the brave move to up sticks and move to Nashville to pursue her music career further. By her own admission, she misses her family and friends, but her profile is rising immensely. She recently made her US radio debut and will soon be making her debut appearance on American TV.

September 1st sees Twinnie release Just Like Earle. She has been promoting the single in recent weeks online and has, yet again, produced a suitably cinematic video for the single. There is a history to the song which was inspired by a relationship that ended.

On Just Like Earle, ‘Just Like Earle is about killing your husband.. Like, I’ve got a million ways how to make you pay! I know it’s so wrong, but luckily, it’s legal to kill you in all my songs! That’s the the rage and the anger that I felt in my heart, how this person could do this to me after ten years? I literally lost my mind trying to figure out somebody else’s. And I was like, oh, it’s disturbing my peace…get centred and get grounded. It’s also like Goodbye Earl Part Two by The Chicks. Yeah. I love that kind of humour. Because like, I’m not being funny, but when you boys leave your underwear on the floor and don’t put them in the wash basket, or leave the dishes on the side and don’t put them in the dishwasher…that drives us insane! It drives us to the point of distraction, because it’s a little thing, but you keep on doing it, you keep on doing it. Sometimes we just want to throttle you looking at them! So song is like the light, the light relief of it like. Hey, every girl is a psycho…you just got to find the right psycho for you! I I tend to say things that people wouldn’t say, but people are thinking it. So why not say it in a clever way.’

By her own admission, Twinnie sits in the middle of a few different genres. She isn’t full country and she isn’t full pop. Some of her wordplay is reminiscent of a hip hop flow. Just Like Earle has all of these elements and is another brilliant addition to Twinnie’s discography. It also further showcases the skill and prowess that Twinnie offers; the Blue Hour EP is sure to be a treat when the whole EP is released.

Check out the audio for Just Like Earle below, and keep your eyes on Twinnie’s socials (links below) to see when the video drops.

Twinnie: Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok

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