The Crystal Teardrop – By The River: New Single

The Crystal Teardrop release groovy new single – By The River

Crystal Teardrop – Connor Wells, Caitlin Hare, Stuart Gray, Alexandra Rose, Leon Jones photo : Andy Blakeley

Blending the key ingredients of garage rock, psychedelia and acid folk, the follow up single to the debut – Nine Times Nine – reinforces The Crystal Teardrop’s very own version of classic Sixties vibes. The new single has a clear Eastern flavour that aims to take us on “a dream-like journey where the boundaries between imagination and reality cease to exist.

Mission accomplished as along with what could be some backward tape effect stylings, sitar is added by Lucian Thomas (of Farfisa whom we saw doing a fab support slot only last weekend for Rosalie Cunningham – review here) to complement the track’s groovy feel – maybe Tomorrow Never Knows for a new generation?

The band explains: “The twists and turns highlight the profound nature of love, loss and the human condition while the track’s musical structure adds to the ethereal and immersive lyrical theme and encourages the listener to reflect on what is truly significant for each of us.

Having made their debut at Le Beat Bespoke Festival in London earlier this year, the band continues to perform throughout the country and will be appearing in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester (yay!)amongst other cities this autumn promoting the new single.

The band’s music demonstrates an innate affection for all things 1966 – some of us were actually there! (just about) – with influences that range from classic artists such as The Beatles and The Kinks to West Coast favourites including The Great Society, Love and The Byrds.

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