Dirty Honey – Can’t Find The Brakes: Album Review

Dirty Honey pull a few aces from up their sleeves.

Release date: 3rd November 2023

Label: Dirt Records

Format: CD / digital / vinyl

A band brimming with Californian chutzpah as we’ve had the pleasure to witness on a handful of occasions. Dirty Honey’s swaggering Hard Rock with a little bit of attitude and a bucketful of bonhomie gets poured into ten new songs; Can’t Find The Brakes emphasising their non-stop, rock stars on the road, city-to-city, lifestyle. As singer Marc LaBelle says: “almost a time capsule of our lives right now.

Along with new drummer Jaydon Bean, who ticks several boxes with his songwriting and vocal contributions, the band headed to Australia and emerged with a collection that reinforces what we already knew. Here’s a band on the move and the move is an upward trajectory.

Won’t Take Me Alive is the most kick-ass, aggressive, bad-ass rock song we’ve ever written,” says guitarist John Notto, but there might be a few tunes on this record that run it close, not least the rustic curveball Coming Home and balladeering You Make It Alright that adds a change of pace and variety to the pallette.

From the bluesy inflections and AC/DC-esque four to the floor rock and roll boogies (think Gone Shootin’ might have played its part…) they’re back on familar ground with the funk’n’roll of the Won’t Take Me Alive single. A splash of sleaze here and dash of the blues there, Can’t Find The Brakes is powered by a bagful of riffs that skirt around the Zep boundaries along with the inevitable Tyler/Perry influences rising to the surface. Get A Little High is blues riff rock of the highest order that would be right at home in the hands of any classic rock band you care to mention.

I know that some things will never change,” croons Marc LaBelle on Roam where the blues with a gospel tinge, and he’s not wrong. In a rare moment of mid tempo angst, he sums up the band who know what they do best. The future of good time rock and roll is in safe hands.

Here’s Won’t Take Me Alive:

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