MMTH – Infinite Heights: Album Review 

MMTH offer Instrumental Prog Rock at its most listenable. Infinite Heights shows intelligent rock can be wonderfully created without being over complex.

Release Date:  17th November  2023

Label: Poly Unique

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital 

It’s easy to lose count of how many musical journeys are on offer from Europe’s contemporary Prog bands. MMTH’s half-hour of heavy Prog instrumentals attempts to cover most of them in one majestic musical trip. Fjords, forests, mountains and beyond the earth’s atmosphere are all re-imagined in a fresh way on Infinite Heights.

Hailing from the North German coast, where the stormy North Sea pounds the shores and Arctic winds gust ragingly, we can understand the impact this environment has on their music. Wildly swirling, screaming solos and blasting power chords abound throughout, but they’re blended with tantalising tranquil moments too.

Each of the six tracks has its own unique identity and will be appreciated by fans of Germany’s Long Distance Calling, and our very own British favourite, Public Service Broadcasting (who MMTH have supported).

When joined by new guitarist, Patrick Büch, the opportunity to compose new music was provided, the end result being this collection of many layered and contrastingly textured music. Opening with Trigger, guitar and keyboards tantalise us amiably before exploding with deeper stronger tones but without being overindulgent. Relais has its spotlight on dynamic yet melodic guitar work again after being lulled by some softer tones. Alterite clearly demonstrates how their music can be airy and warm as well upping the energy.

The contrasts on Muscle Memory shows some very clever movements from intricately light to crashing heavy touches. The cosmic Dark Sun gently puts us in a calm orbit before Sampras has us nonchalantly floating around bringing us to rest. 

In aiding and abetting MMTH, engineering and mixing is carried out by their drummer Hanno Janßen at Dickfehler Studio in Aurich, Germany.  Christian Bardenhorst designed the album visuals and bassist, Bernd Frikke, contributed to the album’s photographic artwork too. Overall, Infinite Heights is a resounding success.

Listen to Relais from MMTH below.

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