The Other Day release new single

The Other Day is the new project of singer, writer and producer, Jacob Kemp.

My Patience is a pensive slice of lo-fi electronica that employs pulsing synths, strong vocals and a down tempo beat to great effect. There is a hypnotic feel to the multi-layered sound that winds its way around your mind.

The whole effort is self produced and by his own admission, lyrical themes come with a real confessional approach. My Patience is a song about watching the clock go round, seeing the world change and wishing you were the person that you’d always dreamed and believed you would be. But reality is that the world is not what you thought it was, and you’re not who you expected to be. 

A storied life has seen Jacob grown up on the roads between North and South England, the USA and Mexico; he finally settled in Manchester in 2012. It is from here that he releases My Patience; the first single of many that are slated for release in 2020.

You can listen to My Patience below, and connect with The Other Day online.

The Other Day: Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

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