Frigg – FRIXX: Album Review

Release Date:   31st  January 2020

Label:  FRIGG00013

Formats: CD, DL

Finnish folksters commemorate twenty years of music making with a celebratory set of exuberant and evocative tunes. Be prepared for an alliterative treat as we find our way round the ‘f’ words in the online dictionary…

You can count me as a fan,” says Fairport’s Simon Nicoll in a Viz Comic-like endorsement that sits amongst the raft of acclaim that comes from the folk radio community including Radio Lancashire’s very own Phil Brown.

So FRIXX takes us on quite some journey – from a stately medieval style arrangements to something that could be right at home in the barn dance in Back To The Future III, via some flying flurries of fiddle rooted deeply in the folk culture. Early Bird and Hakkisen riili (the latter with some whining bluegrassy lines) see the septet literally letting loose on some tunes that would have the tents bouncing and knees knocking in festivals round the world. To coin a good old cliché, there’s something for everyone as Frigg flit from one style to another with effortless ease.

The whole range of the band’s capabilities are explored as they evolve into more calming and evocative pieces where the fiddles are underscored by some gentle guitar passages.

Varpunen is surely descended from one of the most famous rock riffs of all time. Try to deny you’re hearing Smoke On The Water providing the base for the collection of fiddles to work their magic over the top. There’s less of the vim and vigour in Maanitus which initially presents a starker and more stripped back arrangement by the band.

Overall though, Frixx sees a band celebrating twenty years by collating a set that marks a real exhibition of their work. Not only on this record, but Frigg has also created a dynamic sound that has the sort of widespread appeal that resonates with folk, classical and world music audiences.

Watch the video for Early Bird from the album here:

Frigg online:  website / Facebook / Twitter

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