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Whilst we cover plenty of records and concerts, there is also a lot of new music around that takes single form. They’re usually from independent artists and there is a treasure trove lurking if you dig a little deeper. Here are a few select choices from January 2020, and a few upcoming releases as we deliver our singles round up.

Lindsay Munroe – Mirror

Manchester based singer/songwriter, Lindsay Munroe, returns after a hiatus with a superb new single. Over time, Munroe has played support to David Kitt, Luke Sital-Singh and Jonathon Wilson as well as being featured heavily on BBC Introducing.

Mirror is an ode to wanting to mould yourself in whichever you wish but also showing whichever side of you that you want to. It is a fine slice of indie rock that evokes moods of Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe and Marissa Nadler.

J. Chambers – Escape The Kingdom

J. Chambers is no stranger to At The Barrier. 2:18 was released last year and J. has also been a guest writer here.

Escape The Kingdom is an anthem for the disenfranchised; for those angry at the state of modern society. It’s no coincidence that the video for the single was released on 31st January; a date for celebration or mourning depending which side of the 52:48 debate you were on.

It features Koroh Fayah to help bring to fruition the reggae vibe that J. Chambers seeks to create.

Rare Devices – Atelophobia

Brighton based Alternative Rock trio Rare Devices, are a young band fresh out of education. Jamie Chellar (guitarist, lead vocalist) and James Gillingham (drummer, vocalist) are joined by Sam Lelliott (bass, vocalist) with a challenge to see just how much noise three people could make. They have grafted hard and released their first single and video last year. Deadhouse was produced by Brighton legend, Ben Hampson, and the band played their first gig to a sold out Komedia Brighton.

Taking influence from a plethora of different genres, Rare
Devices put together a wide array of combinations of alternative rock riffs,
60’s pop vocals melodies and three part harmonies, with a harder
production, seen mostly in the realms of hip hop.

Atelophobia, which is defined as the fear of not being good enough; a
disappointment; imperfect; is released on February 14th. It is a heavy piece that cranks up the hard production and recalls a sound akin to earlier Muse material. If you like it loud and hard, then this is for you.

The bands debut single, Deadhouse, is here.

Sensory Enigma – Doppelgänger

Doppelgänger is the brand-new single from Gothic electronic duo, Sensory Enigma. According to the band, Sensory Enigma stems from a desire to explore human emotions differently; often focusing on the darker feelings that are kept hidden.

Doppelgänger explores the idea of having more than one ‘self’. Everyone presents a different version of their self in different situations. What happens when you can’t decide? Which version is true? The ethereal yet eerie synths and vocal style create a haunting effect, and multiple voices bring to life the various ‘dopplegängers’.

Listen to Holly discuss the new single, here.

Hell’s Ditch – Vacant Hearts

Hell’s Ditch are a new band formed of members from other bands including ex/current members of Bad Ideas, River Jumpers & Dearist . Each member of the band has earned their spurs touring in other bands on the UK punk scene, up and down the country.

Hell’s Ditch are playing as a part of Manchester Punk Festival 2020 and release the excellent Vacant Hearts on a double A-side 7″ on 16th March 2020.

Vacant Hearts is a fast paced punk tune that packs plenty of emotion and plenty of soaring moments that are chest beatingly good fun. The song’s title gives a lot away about the subject matter of the song. It’s an incredibly catchy song.

Maz O’Connor – Loved Me Better

Maz O’Connor is another artist who we’re big fans of on At The Barrier. Her latest album, Chosen Daughter, was a firm favourite amongst all the writers here. Loved Me Better is one of many highlights contained on the album,

Maz’s beautiful voice racks your ears with emotion as she sings the lamenting song. The pensive tone of the music really allows the voice of this fine singer to flourish, and the visuals truly suit the song.

If you haven’t done so already, check out Maz O’Connor’s Why I Love piece on Nina Simone; it’s a brilliant read!

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