Kavus Torabi – Hip To The Jag: Album News

Over the past two decades, Kavus Torabi has been one of Britain’s most inventive musicians and songwriters. He’s worked across numerous projects including Knifeworld, Gong, The Steve Hillage Band, The Utopia Strong, Guapo and Cardiacs.

Hip To The Jag, his debut solo album, is out on Believer’s Roast on 22nd May 2020.

Hip To the Jag was recorded between 2018 and 2019, written, performed and recorded by Kavus Torabi.

I had become so busy over the last couple of years both recording and touring with TheUtopia Strong and Gong that I had little time to put into my own band, Knifeworld. Nonetheless, songs kept arriving and with nowhere else to go, I started recording them myself.”

The follow up to the solo venture on the Solar Divination EP, the new record promises “a swirling cosmic kaleidoscope of the poet’s soul. From spectral, intricate and fragile compositions to psychedelic, joyous and open drone-scapes.”

Inspired by the music of Ivor Cutler and Nico, acquiring an Indian harmonium. altered his approach to writing songs and forms the backbone of the album.

“I wanted to make a record that sounded like a half-remembered dream, as if the songs had been constructed from shadows and cobwebs.”

We’ll have our review well ahead of release and from the taste we’ve had, it’s going to be quite some trip.

Hip To The Jag Kavus Torabi

Pre-order here and get a signed A5 print!

Kavus Torabi online: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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