Opinion: Top Ten Metal Breakdowns by Death Remains

Death Remains recently released their new single; Self Reflection. The single is a massive metal tune that is full monolithic riffs, intense drumming and impassioned lyrics. The band have toured and shared stages with Miss May I, The Amity Affliction, Soulfly, Sepultura, Incite, TheCityIsOurs and more.

They join us as they take us through ten of the best breakdowns in heavy metal. Different members of the band have contributed and like any kind of opinion…everyone has them! What would you include in the list?

Before taking a read of the bands Top 10 Breakdowns, check out the lyric video to their single below.

Death Remains’ definition of a good breakdown: A good breakdown is one that doesn’t sound totally out of place to the rest of the track. Building up motifs here and there to create familiarity for the listener, so when the breakdown is unleashed, the listener can groove along to something that sounds perfect for the song. 

Carnifex – Lie to My Face (Kris)

This is the breakout song that got everybody looking into Carnifex. It is still being played in their set as of 2020. Not only does the song resonate with a lot of people lyrically, but it all culminates in their barbaric breakdowns. Seen it live in 2020 when they supported Thy Art is Murder and can verify it still slaps.

After The Burial – A Vicious Reforming of Features (Kris)

The whole song is a djent tour that is not one of their more famous tunes, but it definitely makes the listener have to have a second listen to catch all the time signature changes and polyrhythms. Absolute killer to play as well. -Kris

The Ghost Inside – Between The Lines (Barry)

The Ghost inside always delivers on breakdowns. They pretty much build the whole song up to that point and it is none more evident than in this banger.

Whitechapel – The Father of Lies (Barry)

This song could easily be classed as one long breakdown itself but when it hits you’ll know when it’s time to throw shit around. Honourable mention must go to the breakdown in ‘This Is Exile’.

Hatebreed – Divine Judgement (Barry)

Simple but effective timing that makes you want to drop-kick your nan. Hatebreed always do it right.

Unearth – My Will Be Done (Barry)

The kings of the breakdown! Doesn’t get much heavier than Unearth when it comes to a breakdown.

Novelists – Under Different Welkins (Si)

Amazingly ambient with many textures providing backing to a powerful and intense rhythm guitar. The gnarly drop that completes the song is one that you can only imagine people are losing themselves over when watching them play live. Novelists are a very technical band but with so much added emotion in their composition, not a band to skip over.

Dayseeker – The Earth Will Turn (Eljay)

The breakdown hits so hard when considering the subject matter of this song. Starting the song with beautiful melodies the breakdown contrasts to a hard-hitting punch to the gut only to return for one final calm before the storm.

In the Midst of Lions – The Machine (Eljay)

1 word. ‘Harmonics’.  When I first heard this breakdown I was so blown away by the squeal of the harmonics. I had never heard a band use a pinch in such a crucial way with a breakdown and it always stuck with me.

Despised Icon – MVP (Kris)

Is definitely a head-turner. Deathcore the way it should have been done. This was the last song the band played in Canada before going on hiatus and if you have subs, turn them to 11 because the last half of the song still rips. The band has since returned to the grind/death scene, but this songs’ breakdown takes the cake.

Many thanks to Death Remains for taking the time to write for us. Be sure to check out the band’s new single and enjoy the crushing tracks that they have selected.

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