Lyndon Scarfe – Shoreline: Album Review

Lyndon Scarfe releases Shorelines; the inaugural release on Cue Dot Records.

Released: 4th September 2020

Label: Cue Dot Records

Format: CD / Digital

Paul Scott’s (aka Lippy Kid) imprint, Cue Dot Records, launches with incredible strength showcasing the more ambient and orchestral side of Lyndon Scarfe (formerly of Danse Society and more recently pedalling monolithic guitar-based drone as The Black Lamps and [retreat]).

Shoreline opens with a gentle hum and hints of strings as sonic range gently expands with rich bass and highs that sparkle. The gentle and almost rhythmic clatter of plucked string brings a human element and sense of symmetry in form as it fades.

As the record builds, Herons introduces such warmth in repetitious chordal richness and depth of timbre that fans of Lyndon’s other work will be familiar with. This develops throughout, giving a sense of the extension of humanity, growth and development as the album progresses.

The introduction of a barge-like pulse on Imperfect accentuates an emerging drone, which might be slightly unsettling, yet the elements of doubt and unease seem to always have been present in what was apparently preceding serenity. As the piece progresses, compounded with layer upon layer of strings, it envelops the listener into a large sonic hug, though the sense of ill at ease never fully resolves until Dust’s close.

The notion and memory of a distant, out of reach coastline is prevalent as an influence on the work. However, moreover and so irremovable from coastal themes, Shoreline feels like a tribute to the beauty of the coast and the expanse of the ocean more than it being a cursory influence. And yet amongst such beauty in production and balance there is more than a sense unrest, from decaying memory and yearning in distant crackles reminiscent of a gently lapping wave and in the coming and going of occasionally and subtly dissonant themes.

Shoreline is a well-balanced work, bringing the most serene relaxation, wholly reminiscent of the calm ocean view. Expertly realised, it develops from a single note through lush orchestral arrangement to transport the listener to a world of peace and varied beauty.

Lyndon Scarfe: Bandcamp

Cue Dot Records: Bandcamp

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