Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive: Album Review

Black Pistol Fire earned themselves a reputation supporting The Fratellis and through streaming singles. This effervescent duo of rockers use synched bass and electronic drums to enhance their blend of stomping experimental rock.

Release date: 29th January 2021

LabelBlack Hill Records

Format:  CD / Digital

This thrilling and hard-hitting album fires bullets at you from the outset. It grabs you immediately with punchy rhythms, echoing vocals and fuzzy guitar. Look Alive certainly gives birth to the exciting life force that is Black Pistol Fire. Pick Your Poison’s drive pulsates with an anthemic guitar riff which leaves you begging for more poison. And it arrives in droves even through the funkier Never Enough.

Not until Hope In Hell do we see a slight drop in pace but there’s no drop in power, there is  a ‘live’ feel to it and indeed according to Kevin McKeown it is playing live that they thrive on; “every time we hit the stage, we remember why we started doing this. ……Our live show is where we cut our teeth ……..and the stage is where we come alive”

I look forward to seeing their gritty brand of rock n roll live. To me, they are like a souped-up Black Keys. However, it isn’t all 100 mph rock n roll; although the thunder rolls on through the album with heavy helpings of synthesized sounds mixed with bluesy, funky dramatic rock.

Yes, Black Pistol Fire is hard and abrasive but controlled but with clear, listenable vocals your senses are not rammed into submission. They can create intricate, melodic and create sounds that fill your head. Their finale, the stunning Beyond The Blue,  sums up succinctly every superb nuance that they are capable of.

During a  2018 UK tour, National Rock Review made the claim that Black Pistol Fire were: “pure unadulterated rock and roll and arguably one of the most exciting acts we have come across this year.”

I’m hoping that in the not too distant future we get the opportunity to experience the live extravaganza that is  the Austin, Texas-based duo of vocalist/guitarist Kevin McKeown and Canadian drummer/bass synth player Eric Owen, who make up the blistering, brain expanding Black Pistol Fire. Supported by co-producer/engineer Jacob Sciba and mixer Vance Powell,  Look Alive is a must-hear opportunity.

A new stripped-down ‘Homemade’ live performance has just been released from Black Pistol Fire and can be seen below. 

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