Mission Jupiter – Talk To Me: Album Review

Mission Jupiter are a Belarusian quintet out of Minsk who have just released their stunning new album, Talk To Me.

Release date: 30th April 2021

Label: Audio Anatomy

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Mission Jupiter started out as a musical experiment in 2015. Over time, the varied musical influences of the band have merged to create an entity that the band describes as musical liberalism.

Throughout Talk To Me there are recognisable flourishes of bands like Anathema, Swallow The Sun, Massive Attack, Paradise Lost, Epica and Kate Bush. The vocals of Nastia Shevtsova are truly sublime throughout; emotion pours out of every vocal line which in turn makes for an enthralling listen throughout. The vast majority of the album is sung in English with Adziny Šlach being the exception.

On Your Own uses power chord stylings that ensure the music is towering. There are harder cuts on the album like Billion Miles Away and My Hypocrisy. Both are vocally led by Nastia however there is an undercurrent of growled vocals that show a good juxtaposition of styles.

Mission Jupiter

Confession is an acoustic based number which is full of ethereal qualities whereas Perfect Reaction is more manic in its delivery. The drumming of Eugene Zuyeu, who is also the bands producer, shines on Perfect Reaction. The notion of musical liberalism is clear for all to see here.

The fact that the album flits between acoustic chills and frenzied upbeat pieces shows that the band are not afraid to throw everything into the mix. The trick is, to get the mix right. Mission Jupiter just about tread this line.

Waterfall is a glorious pre-cursor to the epic instrumental finale of Jupiter’s Master. Dmitri Soldatsenko showcases his saxaphone skills on the final two tracks as well.

Vladimir Shvakel lets the beefiness of his guitar sound fly in the album closer. The riffs are heavy and he is afforded the opportunity to cut loose with some great licks and an epic guitar solo. The bass of Artem Gulyakevich rumbles along with the drums and Vitaliy Bisiukov assists on piano to add yet another layer to the sound of Mission Jupiter as the album sails off into the ether.

The cover art from Veronika Malyavka is brilliant along with Acle Kahney’s mastering of the album. Talk To Me is an excellent record full of twists and turns that leave you asking what comes next. Keep an eye on this Belarusian quintet; they could really make waves.

Watch the haunting video for Confession from Mission Jupiter below and you can buy the album on CD and Vinyl here.

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