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Angel Snow – October Skies: New Single

Angel Snow gives us another taste of the upcoming Low album with a brooding new single.

Release date: 25th June 2021

Label: independent

Format: DL / stream

Bearing in mind that the forthcoming Low album from Angel Snow is a concept record, the snippets we’ve heard so far have been a mere amuse bouche for what should be an enthralling experience.

An album that imagines the dissolution of an intensely co-dependent and unhealthy relationship, the idea is that the music is experienced in one sitting from start to finish. Some may ask the question of why release singles from something meant to be regarded as a whole piece. Any Marillion fans amongst the readership will simply point to their 1985 magnum opus, the Misplaced Childhood concept album, and its clutch of chart bothering singles. Enough said.

October Skies is placed on Side One of the album – the first half for the digital people – the ‘anger and despair’ side. Just one side of the story and one where the dreamy ambience contrasts with the emotion. A sparse tumble of acoustic guitar reflects an inner emptiness as the relationship disintegrates and a coldness seeps through. An easy West coast vibe but with the onset of a dark incoming vision and of watering down of any hope.

Fitting into the ballpark where the moody style of AA Williams, Emma Ruth Rundle sit and swirl, the prospect and promise of the full Low experience is going to be worth the wait.

Here’s Unsteady Ground which is also set to appear on the ‘awakening’ side of the Low album:

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