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Emma Denney is an up and comng singer/songwriter who is only just taking tentative steps into the music world. Having written songs for a long period of time, she has never had the courage to share them.

Last year, this all changed.

So far in her musical journey Denney has had support from local BBC Introducing radio shows with multiple plays and two ‘Record of the Week’ accolades. Three of her previous tracks have been placed on an official Spotify playlists as well as having also had songs voted as ‘Fresh Faves’ in the past on the music blog ‘Fresh On The Net’.

Emma Denney

Chemicals, like many of Denney’s pieces, is lyrically personal and deeply pensive. This style is something that Denney strives for in her writing. She then layers the lyrics atop warm synths and mellow electronica; it works a treat on Chemicals to create a luscious mellow pop sound.

Chemicals plays on the idea of a person’s ‘internal wiring’ being wrong when it comes to how they deal with relationships. It’s about self sabotage by assuming that history will always repeat itself, just because of the way you are. It’s a very personal song, which comes from my own experiences with past relationships. Luckily, it’s not the way I see things now!

Emma Denney on Chemical

The track was produced by Sam Ray, who is the lead singer of a band called Friday Night Firefight. The pair worked together on the track entirely online going back and forth with revisions. According to Denney, ‘I really wanted there to be an element of sound design, using mechanical sound effects and a sort of clunky music box sound, to support the theme of personality flaws being part of your internal wiring and the way that you’re built.’

You can listen to, and buy Chemicals, through Emma Denney’s Bandcamp page, here. You can stream the track on Spotify, here.

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