The Little Unsaid – Lick The Future’s Lips: Album Review

The Little Unsaid release an enthralling new album in Lick The Future’s Lips.

Release date: 9th July 2021

Label: Reveal Records

Format: CD / digital

When we reviewed their  Music/Nature EP at the onset of the pandemic  we remarked on how refreshing it was to hear an original and unique sound from a new band. With restrictions lifting the band were able to gather together and record another refreshing and fascinating piece of music.

The joy of their companionship and the opportunity to invent, create and experiment comes through strongly within the poetic lyrics and atmospheric music. The determination to get outside and dance and be in love and be grateful for the time we’ve got, even though some days it might look like the world is falling apart around us” is highlighted in the optimistic and contemplative collection of songs and the intention is clearly to cheer you.

The pandemic has had a major effect, stunting the progress and profile of groups like the Little Unsaid, who I think, are bound for greater things. The distinctive mournful vocals delivered with crystal clear tones backed by well-structured, variant instrumentation results in compelling, spellbinding songs. No two tracks are identical.  The lyrics create vivid pictures and they could stand alone as thought-provoking poetry.

They can deliver a catchy tune too. The Great Nowhere, in particular, has a  cheerful rhythm but hidden in it  is a sample of their evocative  poetry:

So as the curtain drops on Sunday

I sprinkle sermons in the ash tray

Crave a fresh chest that I can smoke away

And I rise from the lonely room.”

In complete contrast, we have the dramatic, powerful delivery on New Year’s Eve, which is reminiscent of  Mike Scott of The Waterboys.  More passion is revealed in an upbeat style in Act Of Vengeance. The regular mood swings and musical styles are a prominent feature of this album and you will be mouth-wateringly curious as to what comes next but each change is always a delight.

For me, this is one band that will be a ‘must see’ when the opportunity arises. For years I’ve been waiting for a modern sound that is new and distinctive and a trend setter for the future. The Little Unsaid could be  just that.

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