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After weeks of teasing online through doctored album covers, videos, cryptic writings, video announcements and strange unbeknown posters appearing, Iron Maiden are back, six years on from the release of Book Of Souls.

Howling winds, and fire laden letters spelling The Writing On The Wall greeted Iron Maiden fans as the premiere of the bands new single made its way into the world.

An acoustic opening leads to an Eastern tinged riff that builds in true Iron Maiden fashion that evokes Dance Of Death vibes. The hypnotic riff winds through the song and Steve Harris’ signature bass sound punctures the song. Iron Maiden have usually come out of the blocks with a fast paced track but the pace of The Writing On The Wall is slower than your average lead single. When everything aligns at the start of the song, you could be forgiven for thinking that their is a little bit of Fairport Convention’s Matty Groves in the mix. It is however still a complete stomper of a song that will have Iron Maiden fans salivating at what is to come next.

Multiple solos adorn the song as the stunning animated video makes reference to albums past, and of course Eddie makes his appearance. London based BlinkInk are responsible for the animated video and Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith are on song writing credits. Bruce Dickinson’s inimitable vocals help drive the track, and it is his vision that helps make the video what it is, alongside a vast team of people. You can read more about the video here.

For a band to be producing music of such high quality each time around, is astounding. Enjoy the video and single, below.

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