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Jimmy Regal And The Royals – Ain’t Done Yet: EP Review

Jimmy Regal And The Royals return with a five track EP that keeps them in the spotlight.

jimmy regal

Release Date: 29th October 2021

Label: Lunaria Records

Format: CD / DL

It’s just over a year since we had some Late Night Chicken with Jimmy Regal & The Royals. They’re back with a five song collection that promises “an even broader palette of textures, rhythms and lyrical content“.

Diversity may be the aim, but the core of Brit blues, funky soul and boogie driven grooves remain firmly in place. Kicking off is the title track, where an insistent riff foot tappin’ and head noddin’ tempo evokes the delights of the joys of ‘the road’.

MickeyTwo Suits is a fabulously swinging instrumental. Even before I perused the press release, I was time travelling back to the days of The Sweeney and Starsky & Hutch, so can swell my chest in pride that I’m in the right mindset. Note that the title refers to a punter barred from the Herne Hill Tavern; a list that includes Fat Paul and Staring Pervert. Those were the days.

Your chance to take a moment to realise that the promised variety is delivering comes with WayTo Lose, an atmospheric little number with distant rolling cymbals, aching bluesy harp and mellow acoustic guitar that contrasts nicely with another swinging uptempo blues waltz on Show Time. All 3/4 beats and octave pedals that transform the Harp into Hammond.

An edited Can’t Cry No More from Late Night Chicken gives another chance to wonder at the collaboration with Senegalese griot kora player Diabel Cissokho. West Africa meets Penge/South London, and there aren’t that many albums you can say that about!

Here’s a reminder of our video premiere of Can’t Cry No More:

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