The Blackheart Orchestra: If You Tolerate This…: New Single

The Blackhearts do The Manics on their new single….

Good friends of At The Barrier, Rick Pilkington and Chrissy Mostyn, have come up with a new interpretation of the Manic Street Preachers’ classic No.1 from 1998 – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next. Chrissy told us: “When the song was written it was about the past, but now 23 years later, we’ve turned the song around and reinterpreted the words to be all about the future and climate change.

She adds: “We’ve looked at the song through a different lens and our version and the accompanying video shout about the need for the world to u-turn on the pollution, industrial destruction, planet abuse and self-interest that rules today’s economies with an almost total disregard for future generations.

It’s a typically dynamic Blackheart Orchestra treatment. An arrangement that’s based around fragile vocals and subtle piano and that evolves into a widescreen cinematic experience that clearly shows the impact of the experiment on the Mute album. Take a look and listen:

A proportion of the download profits will be donated to Just One Tree who are an amazing not for profit organisation working to offset carbon emissions through reforestation –

Rick and Chrissy have been keeping busy of late with a recent bout of post lockdown touring as well as working their socks off with streaming performances during the lockdown and releasing the Mute album. The most exciting news though is to hear they have a new album all in the can to follow up the extraordinarily good Mesmeranto.

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