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Sam Sweeney – Solo: EP Review

Sam Sweeney goes solo in the first of a series of releases from Hudson Records.

Release Date:  4th February 2022

Label: Hudson Records

Formats: digital only

It’s been two years since the release of Unearth Repeat – the very well-received solo venture from Sam Sweeney. One that he can even boast hit the charts – the Folk Music ones at least.

He’s continuing the solo venture with the first of a series of releases that are aimed at showcasing the members of his touring band. With his name on the ticket though, it’s only fair that he gets first dibs, so Sam has headed off to St Martin’s church in Stoney Middleton in the Peak District with Hudson’s Andy Bell, on a musical rite of passage. Coming full circle, it’s a location that was his old practice room and clearly holds fond memories as well as being acoustically suited for his playing.

For the most part, the six pieces are the fruits of the labours of one of Sam’s favourite pastimes – namely delving into the treasure troves of long-forgotten tune manuscripts. It’s a habit he’s mined rather successfully with Leveret and on this occasion, he’s dug into old collections sent his way during the multiple lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. However, given the magic Sweeney touch, they’re coaxed gently back to life. Given a freshen and polish, and with the careful application of a sprinkle of glitter via the sympathetic ear of Sam Sweeney, the mission is accomplished. Beuatifully captured, as you’d expect, encased in a spacious and live-in-your living room feel.

Solo is exactly what it says on the tin. One man and his fiddle in union. As close as you’d get to an intimate, up close and personal performance. The overarching peaceful easy feeling is ever so slightly rocked by the brief sway that comes in The Four Seasons. A regal and stately twenty minutes spent in the company of Sam Sweeney and his fiddle is twenty minutes you won’t want to give back. Can’t wait for the next in the series…

Here’s Untitled Waltz #1/Tweedside from the EP:

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