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Klangstof – Ocean View: EP Review

Dutch trio Klangstof evolves their sound in a most relaxing fashion. Mainly.

Release Date: 4th March 2022

Label: Velveteen Records

Format: digital (Bandcamp)

The Dutch alt/rock trio is back with Ocean View, an EP that combines experimentalism with the simple pleasure of being able to again perform together again. Down tempo and dreamy, laid-back and sonically lush, it marks an evolution in their sound in a forward-thinking and streamlined direction. It’s described as a “candid glimpse of the band’s wavelength,” a taster of their state of musical mind.

Recorded in just five days with producer Thijs van der Klugt in Studio Kabaal in Haarlem, it’s a quarter hour of a meeting of languid down tempo Pink Floyd with the less is more minimalism of Elbow. The mood is open an free, the textures wash lazily as snippets of sharpness occasionally break the surface. Fool’s Rage almost breaks into a run from the gentle jog, but resists and maintains the status quo. Lyrically, the mix sees to favour the lyrics hiding under the blanket, responsible for carrying the mood rather than the message

And while Silver Cloud sees the intensity increase and we get to gaze at our shoes – faders seem pushed up and a hypnotic rhtyhm sist in the background – the effect is the core for the gradual build in A Comforting Release. The vocal gains more clarity and we’re in similar-to-but-not-quite Coldplay territory. If it were Chris and the lads, no doubt this would be mega as it whirls into a spacey atmosphere, challenging with a close-but-not-quite discordance. Definitley more guy than Chris at this point.

An EP is the perfect delicacy right now. Too much of a good thing leaves one wanting less.

Here’s the lyric video for the title track:

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