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Huwbergine – Back Then: New Single

Here’s the new single from Huwbergine that taps into a playful and poppy vein.

Last year’s I’m On It single showed another side to KOYO frontman Huw Edwards. The new single, Back Then gets in touch with yet another side on a slab of highly distinctive ear candy pop with a retro vibe (especially as he seems to be sitting on Bagpuss on what’s becoming a series of the most colourful artwork…)

The man himself admits that Back Then (as the title suggests), “is a total nostalgia tune. I want people to look back on the good times and weep. Hopefully, ” he adds, “in a sad, singing at the top of your lungs with tears rolling down your cheeks kinda way.”

The video reveals a narrative of Huwbergine doing some of that reflection he talks of; his current self watching through some of those retro TV shows you find on the streaming services. The catch is that each presenter and character is played by the multi-talented and multi-tasking Huwbergine himself.

Have a listen:

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