Marc Almond – Stranger Things Reissue: Album Review

Marc Almond’s highly acclaimed 11th Solo album, Stranger Things, blending synth and orchestration, has been released in a 3 CD package by famed revivalists Cherry Red Records.

Release date:  27th May 2022

Label: Cherry Red

Format   3 CD  deluxe package / double vinyl crystal clear expanded edition. 

Marc Almond  65!?  Can’t be! It seems only 5 minutes ago he was on TOTP  opening our ears and eyes with his gothy, synthesized Tainted Love, the one song with which he and Dave Ball will be forever associated. That’s unless you ever came across his encounter with Jools Holland and the stunning version of Say Hello Wave Goodbye – a bit of a go-to track.

Yet musicians now seem to have a longer shelf life, and with the current trend of reissuing and remastering epic pieces of work, augmented with multi-versions. Cherry Red has selected Marc’s eleventh solo album, Stranger Things from 2001, for another of their famed 3CD package treatment.

This dramatic and timeless collection of songs, originally released in 2001, displays Marc Almond’s performing prowess and it’s no wonder his longevity has been sustained even into the 2020’s and similarly hard to come to terms with the fact that he’s amassed over 30 solo albums.

Pristine vocals, and majestic orchestral productions adorn this collection of deeply passionate songs that any artist looking back on a long illustrious career should be proud of. His polished songs are melodic, soulful and alluring. Even on the final CD the live versions from Union Chapel without the orchestrations and stripped-back backing, the emotional and compelling vocals are outstanding.

The partnership with Icelandic producer and arranger Jóhann Jóhannsson seems influenced by movie-style orchestration but whereas many cinematic tunes become like their films outdated these have kept a freshness and vitality.

The package includes a deluxe three-disc set, a newly expanded 2022 version of the original album,  32 bonus tracks of original song demos, remixes, rarities, alternative versions and live renditions of the Stranger Things album. It is issued in miniature LP style packaging with three inner sleeve wallets and a 32-page lyric booklet.

To sum up, the whole package can be summed up in the title of the opening track…..Glorious.

Marc Almond online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

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