Daniel Kubinski of DeadFinger – 10 records of influence

The DeadFinger debut LP is coming out on 23rd July along with the first single, Ghosts.

Daniel Kubinski and Dwain Flowers are DeadFinger. Their debut album is a set that combines original material with covers from artists as iconic as Bowie, The Walker Brothers and The Sex Pistols and is available on Big Cartel here.

The story of DeadFinger begins inthe early lockdowns of the Pandemic as the two members and old friends of what would soon become DeadFinger began to discuss and then put into action a way to get together and play music.

A founding member of Die Kreuzen, Daniel Kubinski takes up the story of the formation of DeadFinger: “Dwain and I have been friends for 20 years or more, we’ve played in bands together before. Most notably, “FuckFace”. In the early version of FuckFace Dwain and I played drums, so we had to work together .” While Kubinski writes guitar-riffs, Dwain Flowers accompanies guitar-work with his very thoughtful, sometimes sporadic but always creative ideas. “Dwain always takes my guitar work somewhere I hadn’t thought of,” says Daniel. “His work adds new and interesting dynamics and twists on my ideas, thus making them purely DeadFinger.

Daniel Kubinski joins us to pick out ten albums that helped shape the sound of the new record.

He starts by explaining how “If I had to say today, right now, right here, today what my favorite or ‘most influential’ LPs are…. well, some things come and go, life changes daily, tastes waiver and opinions are a dime a dozen. That being said, today, I think that list might include these records”:

1. DeadFingers S/T LP. Not that I listen to it constantly, it’s that I was highly motivated, severely even, to get some music going in my life again. Music has always been the one constant “happy place” in my life. Learning those songs, playing live and then ultimately recording the song made me want to write and record my own……something that I am now knee-deep in. Inspirational, influential.

2. David Bowies Hunky Dory will always be with me, I could never listen to that record enough, been listening to it since high school and I see no end to that streak. It’s the freakiest show!

3. The Clash – London Calling. I love this record for showing me that punk is, can be and should be what you make of it. Be creative, try something different, get lost in the supermarket.

4. The Cult – Love. I saw them live last week, fucking fantastic. So that would be one of todays, last weeks, probably next weeks and beyond influences. They are in heavy rotation here in my house. Rain, Phoenix and Love, very soon, everybody. Seems to fit the times. (Ed – saw them on the tour for this album in ’84. Great stuff!)

5. The Germs – GI. At the time of its release there was nothing else like it, such a punch, such clarity, such a great recording that captured a band at its best and with the Germs I imagine that wasn’t something easy to do. If I hear a song or play one song, well, then I’ve gone and done it, gotta listen to the entire record until I shut down.

6. Cheap Trick – S/T. Pure brilliance. Is it punk, is it pop, is it violent and ugly yet beautifully elegant, yes, it is and I love that it’s all there, from Rockford IL with love and hot love will burn your heart.

7. Die Kreuzen’s debut LP and October File. Again, not that I listen to them regularly (hardly at all) but they are constant reminders to try harder and to try new things and explore ideas fully. Not just musically but everywhere in life. Those records were made during damn good creative periods and it was all very exciting, all live wires and open lines!

8. Iggy Pop – TV Eye. I love the rawness, how it sounds better if you turn it up, loud. I love the keyboards and the man sitting at them, also doing back up vocals. I love that it’s the Sales Bros. I love that some of it is recorded at the Aragon in Chicago, where I saw The Clash on their London Calling tour. All aboard for funtime.

9. REM Murmur. It is such a wonderful record. I will always have a copy, somewhere. I love its lush pop, its ambiguous vocals and the lead bass. Are we grown way too far, taking after rain.

10. Wire – Pink Flag. The record that blew my 15-year-old virgin mind. I had heard some shit but this record was relentless in its rapid-fire approach, yet the songs were all very unique. So right there, in your face. It’s so obvious in its 106 beats that are lowdown, fragile and yet champs that they give you a feeling called love.

Keep a close eye out for more songs in the same vein, such as Metaflextion, Lover and Big Dirt which are being carefully crafted for the follow up LP Black Heart set to appear in 2023.

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