Helen McCookerybook – Drawing On My Dreams: album review

Pioneering She-Punk, Helen McCookerybook, releases her ninth studio album.

helen mccookerybook

Release Date:  Out Now

Label: Big Song Records

Formats: CD / Download

It is perhaps fittings that a former Chef should have the perfect recipe for songwriting.  Helen McCookerybook, formerly of punk-popsters The Chefs and, Helen And The Horns whose cowpunk was a firm favourite of John Peel, can write the simplest of songs with the greatest of effect.  Drawing On My Dreams which is released on her own imprint Big Song Records, is no exception.

Like a fine wine, her voice seems to improve with every release and her ability to craft music that feels it is being sung just for the listener is impeccable.  In today’s fast-paced world her approach and output is still refreshing, the ‘girl next door’ sings from over the garden fence or through the dining room window in between sips of a steaming cup of coffee to send tales of everyday happenings with a divine honesty.

There’s often a twist of humour in her work which can bring a snigger or at least a beam of a smile but then, she can prompt a hard think with lyrics like Amazonia which sends us on a thinking (wo)mans trip around the world before the spoken word of Pandora, both of which include an absolutely beautiful presentation of the tracks’ title word.

With all tracks produced and arranged by Helen, Drawing On My Dreams is clearly an artist in control of her craft (speaking of which she is also a very talented artist not to mention lecturer and author) and, at ease with her music.  There’s a relaxed, inviting feel that can only lead to a positively joyful encounter.

All I Want (Is The Sun To Shine For You) is nothing short of beautiful as is Wake Up (And Smell The Coffee).  They couldn’t be improved in any way.  They are perfect as is much of the album, it’s a struggle to find any fault because there aren’t any – some tracks, like Wake Up go up and beyond expectation when sublime violins enter the frame – and so Dreaming In My Dreams is a mini triumph.

It’s certainly worth a dip if you fancy easy, smooth songs which are executed with such care and loving and, it’s an album that you’ll find yourself playing back to back without even knowing.

Here’s a taster from the album:

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