Stick In The Wheel – Endurance Soundly Caged: album news

Radical folk duo Stick In The Wheel has a new and special limited release set for December 2022 – Endurance Soundly Caged.

photo: Orlando Gili

“SITW grab hold of folk music with both hands, dragging it through the 21st century city with no fear they might somehow break it.”  THE QUIETUS

like satanic Chas and Dave

medieval Kraftwerk

A new record from Stick In The Wheel – ENDURANCE SOUNDLY CAGED – with a newly recorded version of White Copper Alley. is heading our way. The title is taken from a line in the song Bedlam, from the 1672 songbook with the marvellous title ‘Pills to Purge Melancholy’.

This one’s a high energy electric folk record, that features fresh new arrangements of material spanning past releases, and recorded live at the renowned Eastcote Studios. Siân Monaghan on drums and George Hoyle on bass, join the core duo of Ian Carter’s trademark dobro and Nicola Kearey’s unmistakable voice.

Ian Carter: “The energy of the live band we put together has such a real, vital connection – which only a few people got a chance to see live – so we decided to take them into Eastcote to get it down on tape.

Where their Tonebeds For Poetry recording reflected their prolific studio experiments, Endurance Soundly Caged captures the intensity of the last two years’ live shows. “If you didn’t catch us live recently, here’s the next best thing…”

The raw holler of Bedlam – recently featured in The Essex Serpent (AppleTV) – hardens through to a revitalized, heavier White Copper Alley’s sex-worker fable, drawing a line to a supercharged version of Villon Song, a 2020 favourite of both Iggy Pop and Marc Riley. Robot, taken from Tom Cox’s short story of the same name, is an all-new version of the menacing folk-horror saga that mesmerised recent live audiences. An autotuned and synth-led As I Roved Out weaves a 10th Century charm into its other-worldly pastoral, whilst psychedelic Gold So Red conjures a final spell from one of the oldest surviving carols.

Endurance Soundly Caged is released on limited edition transparent red vinyl, limited CD & digital. Pre-orders HERE

We shall naturally be running an ear over proceedings around release time…

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