EP Review

Wheel – Rumination: EP Review

Three more tracks for a current flavour of Wheel.

Release date: 10th November 2022

Label: Inside Out Music

Format: CD / digital

With Moving Backwards and Resident Human in the can, we’re served a new three track collection, recorded earlier in the year from Anglo-Finnish Prog Metal outfit, Wheel. The quartet of James Lascelles (Vocals/Guitar), Santeri Saksala (Drums), Aki ‘Conan’ Virta (Bass) and Jussi Turunen (Lead Guitar) deliver on an all too brief set that calls to mind the work of Metal giants Tool from the outset with the juddering thunder of Blood Drinker presenting a dense wall of heaviness. It’s a daunting prospect, as the band “justify our thirst for blood” as a wildly undulating and virtually uncontrollable frenzy.

Impervious offers an antidote with a starker arrangement. Initially at least, before bursting into life with a similar fire and burning intensity. Described as “a song about the remarkable resilience of some modern politicians who get caught in scandal after scandal and lie after lie, yet continue to have a career and (at least some) public approval,” the frustration and anger is clear from the controlled aggression.

Sandwiched between these two hefty offerings comes Synchronise. Acoustic moods and strings give a welcome respite with a peaceful air and mournful vocal part. Perhpas the pick of the three with the deviation it offers, yet part of an interesting little set that shows the wealth of options that Wheel have to offer.

Here’s Synchronise from the album:

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